McGill ECE

The Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory is a research lab in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University. The laboratory has a computer network for research in telecommunications and signal processing and related areas. The lab supplies the infrastructure for several faculty members, visiting researchers and graduate students.

Research activities are divided into three areas (but see also the Photonics System group). The academic staff associated with each area are shown below. The divisions are by no mean rigid, for instance staff listed under Multimedia Signal Processing also work on more general Telecommunications problems and vice-versa.

Multimedia Signal
M. L. Blostein
B. Champagne
P. Kabal
F. Labeau
R. Rose
M. Coates
L. G. Mason
M. Rabbat
R. Vickers
J. Bajcsy
H. Leib
T. Le-Ngoc
I. Psaromiligkos
M. Vu