McGill ECE


The Communications group is part of the TSP lab in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University . The group comprises of 5 professors, research associates and graduate students. Research topics in communications include

Research in the Communication group encompasses both theoretical analyses and modelling, computer simulation and hardware prototyping. The research is funded by federal and provincial agencies such as NSERC  and FQRNT, as well as from industrial contracts.

For more detailed information, please refer to the webpage of the professors listed below.


Name Title Office Phone Email Webpage
Jan Bajcsy Associate Professor 817 McConnell (514) 398-7462 jbajcsy@ece.mcgill.ca Link
Harry Leib Professor 757 McConnell (514) 398-8938 leibh@ece.mcgill.ca Link
Tho Le-Ngoc Professor 815 McConnell (514) 398-5252 tho@ece.mcgill.ca Link
Ioannis Psaromiligkos Associate Professor 819 McConnell (514) 398-2465 yannis@ece.mcgill.ca Link
Mai Vu Assistant Professor 535 McConnell (514) 398-8940 mai.h.vu@mcgill.ca Link

Last updated August 24, 2009.