Events -
Fusion and Inference in Surveillance Networks

Upcoming Events:

  1. Mar. 2011 MITACS Research Workshop 2011: A week-long research workshop and tutorial seminar series will be held at the McGill Bellairs Research Facility in Barbados in March 2011. Professors and students from the MITACS project will present research results and leading international scientists have been invited to deliver seminars on their research activities.

Ongoing Events:

  1. 2006-2010 MITACS Seminar Series on Fusion in Surveillance Networks: To date, twenty seven leading researchers from industry and academia have presented seminars on a diverse range of topics.

Past Events:

  1. Mar. 2010 MITACS Research Workshop 2010: In March 2010 we organized a workshop at the McGill Bellairs Research Facility in Barbados. The workshop was attended by one of the project investigators (Rabbat), four graduate students, and one postdoctoral fellow. In addition, Prof. Ioannis Psaromiligkos (McGill University), Prof. Anna Scaglione (University of California at Davis), and Dr. Augustin Chaintreau (Technicolor/Thompson Research Labs) attended as external experts. The week-long workshop involved a mixture of research presentations and break-out sessions, where participants discussed research problems with the aim of developing new collaborative research activities.
  2. May 2009 NATO Symposium: Michael Rabbat attended the NATO Symposium on C3I for Crisis, Emergency and Consequence Management in Bucharest in May 2009. He presented a summary of the research performed under the umbrella of our MITACS project. √Čloi Boss√©, one of our primary collaborators at DRDC, organized the symposium, which was attended by representatives from NATO countries.
  3. Mar. 2009 MITACS Research Workshop: In March 2009, we organized a workshop at the McGill Research Facility in Barbados. The workshop was attended by four of the project investigators (Coates, de Freitas, Ferrie, Rabbat), three graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow. In addition, Prof. Richard Baraniuk (Rice University), Prof. Rui Castro (Columbia University), and Prof. Mark Crovella (Boston University) attended as external experts. The week-long workshop involved tutorial and research presentations. The final two days were devoted to team-based problem-solving with a view to developing collaborative research activities.
  4. Fall, 2008 Graduate Course on Sequential Monte Carlo Methods: Arnaud Doucet conducted a graduate course on sequential Monte Carlo methods. The graduate course took place at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) in North Carolina.
  5. Jun. 2008 The MITACS Workshop on Fusion, Mining, and Security for Networks was held at McGill during June 16-20, 2008. The workshop was a huge success, attracting over 80 academics, industrial researchers, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows from Australia, England, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada. The workshop opened with two days of tutorials on network analysis and security presented by international experts. The remainder of the week was dedicated to conference-style research presentations. In addition to academics, the workshop included a host of industrial and government participants including representatives from the Communications Security Establishment (Ottawa), Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier (Quebec), Lockheed Martin Canada (Montreal), Solana Networks (Ottawa), Swisscom (Switzerland), and the Telecom Applications Research Alliance (Nova Scotia). MITACS pledged $40k of support which covered the bulk of the workshop expenses, including travel funds for many participants. This award was supplemented by the Centre for Advanced Systems and Technologies in Communications (SYTACom), the Fields Institute (through their National Institute for Complex Data Structures), the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (a U.S. research institute sponsored by the NSF and based at the University of California - Los Angeles), and MASCOS, the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems.
  6. Jun. 2008 Student Presentations at Canada-France Congress. Matt Hoffman, Boris Oreshkin and Deniz Ustebay presented posters on their research results in Montreal.
  7. Mar. 2008 MITACS Seed Project Summary Workshop: Decentralized Processing in Camera Networks (McGill Research Facility, Barbados, March 2008): This was the concluding workshop for the MITACS Seed Project. Students and researchers presented the results achieved during the project.
  8. Fall, 2007 Seminars on Reinforcement Learning and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). Nando de Freitas (UBC) presented a series of tutorial seminars at McGill University addressing the application of MCMC techniques in machine learning.
  9. Aug. 2007 Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (organized by Odile Marcotte, Centre Reserche Mathematique, University of Montreal): Mark Coates led a team including Nando de Freitas and Boris Oreshkin in a week-long exercise in developing novel mathematical techniques to address a problem facing one of our industrial partners, Lockheed Martin Canada.
  10. July, 2007 MITACS Workshop on Data/Information Fusion in Canadian Academia(organized by our industrial partner's representative - Eliza Shahbazian, Research Director, Lockheed Martin Canada): Mark Coates and T. Kirubarajan presented seminars at the workshop in Quebec City, which attracted 35 attendees including 15 students.